What is the IELTS Test ?

IELTS is the world's most common language proficiency assessment, required by all educational organizations and embassies. It could be general or academic.

It’s divided into 4 sections each section for one language skill.

  • Highly qualified trainers who are experts in the IELTS test particularly.
  • Simplifying answering method to overcome tricky points.
  • Preparing condensed plan to develop the four skills of English, increase vocabulary and improve pronunciation.
  • Answering mocking tests like the actual ones to adapt to the test.
  • Provide the trainee with all needed material
  • Daily 10 minutes call to improve the speaking skill and fluency of the trainee.

The IELTS course is 20 hours (10 sessions) each session is 2 hours plus daily 10-minute call to improve speaking and pronunciation.